Venue Hire

Iona, Port Chalmers


Iona is an ideal space for stage concerts and other performances. While the space is predominantly used for music concerts and organ recitals, the space is just waiting for some exciting community projects that could use the space in new and exciting ways.  The space has good acoustics, heating and a sound system. Adjoining this space is Johnstone Hall, the second church built on the space. It too has the potential to be used for exciting projects, that might include, but not limited to, performances, plays, markets and art projects.

Emmanuel, Sawyers Bay

Emmanuel is a versatile space, currently used by church and community groups for a range of activities. There is the church with connectivity for computers, projected via the television screen at the front of the chapel. Two smaller spaces are found at the back of the church, with moveable furniture, tables, chairs and forms. A small kitchen is located to the side of the smaller hall space, along with oven, hot running water, and a microwave.