Any history is a history, one version of events. For this reason, we will continue to add the stories of our churches and parishes, both old and more recent in an attempt to keep the history of the United Church of Port Chalmers alive. As we delve more into the rich history of this place and its people we will share what we find.Explore a place rich in New Zealand church history.

Get to know our rich architectural church history, both in Port Chalmers and the surrounding area.

Explore a place that has touched the lives of many since the arrival of the Methodists and first Scottish settlers who brought religion, and education, with them to a new land.

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Kōpūtai is the original Māori name given to the bay known today as Port Chalmers. Kōpūtai translates as Kōpū meaning high or full and tai; tide.

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